Find good trading card deals on eBay

figoca (find good cards) is an Chrome Extension that helps you find good deals for trading cards on eBay.

Extension Features

Make good decision based on historic data

We give you the tools to buy good trading cards on eBay. We have historic data on almost every card.

Latest prices
See at what price the card was sold for in the past. This will help you make a good decision.
Make notes
Want to remember something about the card? You can make notes on the auction page.
Deal Indicator
See at first glance if a card is currently undervalued or overvalued.
Other Listings
We show you other current listings for the same card. This way you can compare prices and make a good decision.

Premium Features Coming Soon

Get on the waiting list now! We only have 78 spots left.

Item Page

Get the Best Price

Are you really looking at the best listing for this card? We show you other listings for the same card.

Is this the same card? We show you the image of the card.
Current price.
Is this other listing cheaper? We show you the current price.
Average prices.
We show you the average prices for this card. This way you can see if the current price is good.
figoca on ebay item page

List Page

Deal Indicator

See at first glance if you should bid on an item or buy it direcly.

Great Deal.
This is a great deal. Go buy that card!
Okayish Deal.
Sells for the same amount. You can buy it if you want.
Bad Deal.
That card is overpriced. Don't buy it.
figoca on ebay list page

List Page

Latest Comps

See all of the latest comps for this card.

More Info.
Get more information about the card. We show you the latest prices for this card.
Latest Comps.
See all of the latest comps for this card.
Want to exclude this listing? You can do that.
figoca on ebay list page - deal indicator clicked

Your Data Is Safe

We Don't Collect Any Data

We don't know at what cards your looking or buying at.
We don't collect any data.

Easy Installation

How to Install

Install, Authenticate, and Start using the Extension. It's that simple.

Go to the Chrome Webstore and install figoca.
Sign in with your ebay credentials. Remember: We do not store your credentials.
Refresh you ebay page and start using figoca.


Questions? Feature requests? Want to say hi? Send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.